Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

One layout a day - 13.2014

And here is my layout for this day ...
and I enter a facebook challange with this
which says "Monotone me"

I monotone "purple" :D

Cool ha?
I used Basic Grey papers for this ;)

Thanks for stoping by ...
Hugs, Avalonia

Crop im Pott - Yes I did it ;)

It is now some days ago already but I will not miss
to post some things from the FIRST
"Crop im Pott"
It was such a great day ;)
We all meet up the 18th January 2014 in Bochum
and spend HOURS for scrapping around ...
here is what I came up with this day ...

My "Crop layout" - also a One layout a day :D

And I did a Mini-Album ;) for my dear Teresa

I used Basic Grey Papers for both Projects ...

And I realy hope to meet some of the ladys again at the
2. Crop im Pott 2015 or earlier - maybeeee soon?!?!?!!!

Hugs to everyone and remember to visite me here again ;)

Love, Avalonia

One layout a day - 12.2014

This layout I made for a special friend of mine ;)
its my hubbys brother and he is a Tattoo Drawer ...
I love his work and he is such a nice guy ...

I'm going to make an album for him ;)
of course I will show ya cheers ;)

Hugs and have a good time ...

One layout a day - 11.2014

Time for my next layout!!!
I didn't use a sketch for this one
and it showes me a single years ago ...

Whould love to read some comments cheers ;)

HUGS, Avalonia

One layout a day - 10.2014

A very CRAAAAZY layout today
I used A LOT of things from my stash :D
for a sketch from

I'm pretty sure to enter the actually challange too 
so remeber to come back to my blog ;)

Isn't that COOL???
I love it and had so much fun making it ;)

Have a good time cheers

One layout a day - 09.2014

And todays layout is also from a sketch by

its week 3 ;)

And my little babyboy wants to show you all
the pretty flowers he found in spring last year
during our visit in the beautifull city Dresden

Have a good time ;)
Love, Avalonia

One layout a day - 08.2014

Todays layout is from a sketsch again from

its week 2 from January 2014

I love this one soooooooooooo much!
It showes my Momy, Aunt and Grandma ...
they all passed away so early in our life
and we miss them soooooooo much!!!
So this is a special memory for me!
They poem says:

People are just realy death
when nobody is ever thinking on them.
by Bertolt Brecht

Thanks for stoping by
HUGS and have a good time ;)

One layout a day - 07.2014

For todays layout I used a sketsch from

Its week I of the January Challange

This is me and my daddy as I came to school :D
such a loooooooooong time ago
but I always will remember this special moment
he huged me .... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Love you all and have a good time cheers ;)

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

One layout a day - Jan 06 2014 COVER GIRL SEARCH

WELCOME to ya all
you visit me here every day
and those who are new to my blog
Hope you all have a good time here ;)

Today its time for my 6th layout
and I'd like to show you something special today!
I made something for the

and I'd like to invite YOU
to enter it too ;)

Just come along and take a look over it! 

Here is my entry

I used this sketch from "Lets Get Sketchy - Cover Girl Search" for it

paper: Rico Design
embelishments from my stash and
the flowers are Avalonia Art ;)

Have fun ;)

HUGS, Avalonia

One layout a day - Jan 05 2014

Today it time for my 5th layout
for my own Challange


It is my absolutly fav from all I done till now
and it shows a picture from me and my Momy
who was, is and will always be my best friend
she looks to me from heaven above ....

I used
paper: Basic Grey and Stampin Up
Stamps: Stampin Up
The buttons I got in a swap :D

I will challange this layout on

with this sketch

 and on

Have a good time
and see ya soon ;)

HUGS, Avalonia

One layout a day - Jan 04 2014

And here comes my #4 from

The sketch for this layout is from
"One upon a sketch"
and I realy love how it turned out :D
The Person on the picture is my brother
and he didnt wanted me to show him
so I covered his eyes - hope you will understand that ;)

I jused
paper from my stash and Stampin Up
Stamps from Stampin Up
Stickers from s.e.i.
and the "Leeon learnt ..." is from Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus"

I challange this of course on

with this sketch

Hope you like it
and see ya soon!!!

HUGS, Avalonia

One layout a day - Jan 03 2014

So here it goes ...
my 3. One 

This is my special layout for
my upcoming homepage :D
I want to give it a special vintage look :D
What do you think about it?

Have a good time
and see ya soon!

HUGS, Avalonia

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

One layout a day - Jan 02 2014

For my own challange this month
here is my 2. One Layout A Day

paper from my stash :D
as same as embelishments ;)

Challanges to enter

Hope you enjoy my Hello Kitty Layout ...
did I ever told you I love Hello Kitty?!?!?

Have a good time and
hope to see you soon here!

HUGS, Avalonia

One Layout a day - Jan 01 2014

So lets get started ...
For the first month of the year 2014 
I want to challange myself with

One Layout A Day

So I will make one layout every single day this month
and I will post it for you to see,
for me to challange me and of course
I will entry some challanges too ...

Lets see ...

first one

paper by Heyda, Ricodesign, Bo Bunny
embelishments by Tim Holtz, Bo Bunny, Avalonia Art
lace from Biggis Spitzen

For challanges as follow

Thanks for stoping by and 
hope to meet ya here again!