Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

My swap with Veronica

Now Veronica resived my package
I can show you the pictures I made before I packed all together :D 

We desided to do a swap on a altered shoe
so here's the one I made

I created it out of cardboard and old book pages
lots of bling, handmade flowers, lace, ...


The Bday card I made out of my favorit purple paper :D
and the cute little laceflowers

This frame is also made from cardboard and old book pages
and I added a lot of things that came through my mind
when I thought about my friend Veronica ;)

At least :D the lovely, lovely tags I made for her

I love them sooooooooooo much!!!!

This swap was a lot of fun for me and
a lot of heartwork ;) I love crafting for someone
who I know enjoy handmade things as I do!!!

I'm very happy to hear that Veronica recived my package now
and I WELL DONE :D and made her happy!!!
Thats the greatest THANKS I can ever get!!!

HUGS and LOVE to you Veronica and all my Readers out there ;)
Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

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