Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

The heart tag swap - what I get

Here I want to show you my tags I get
from the "A Tag from the heart - tag swap"

I realy love these tags
and every girl but so much love in it
it was so great to get these in my mail box
thanks all ya ladies for making
such a pretty art for me :D

HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Happy mail from ...

I got some Happy Mail from Kimmie
look at this beatiful card :)
I just love, love, love it

Thanks Kimmie for this cuty

HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

crochet me a 12"x12" granny square

... that was the name of a swap
and I thought to join it
coz it whould be lots of fun making
such a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig granny

*anncvnjahlejikcmykn cahxxxxxxxxx*
it was hard work :D
and I already finished the first one
- I've two partners in this swap
and need to finish one more :D
coz different styles

I crochet this one in a style
I once learned from my mom as I was a very young girl ;)
I realy, realy love this style
and the person it will go through
loves flowers so I think this is perfect for her :D

I think after the last one
of the 12"x12" granny squares I just need a break from grannys
for a couple of days :D

HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

ATCs black and funny

I just found THAT special paper in the evening
and I needed to make this funny guys 

... they are "waitin' for the night to fall ..."
than theyre eyes will glow in the darkness :D hehehehehe

I tryed it out and it looks coooooooooool
sad I cant show you this here ...

Keep on crafting ;)
HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

ATC's dressed in black

Here are my ATC's I made 
for a swap on
theme is BLACK

I made 4 of them
2 for the swap, 1 for a friend and 1 left for me

I love them ... they are so cute
and my fav color of course :D
I hope my swap partners will enjoy them too

It's the first time I used only German papers made by Rayher
lace by Alles*Spitze

Keep on Crafting
HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

ATC's for Valantines

I finished my ATC's for Valantines
by the way - this is the first time ever
that I made so many stuff for Valantines
I din't like Valantines all the years past
but now ... I think I gonna like it ;)

I made only 3 this time 
coz I got a lot of other ATC's and TAG's
do do for some swaps ;)

The "lucifer" is my funny one for me 
- the German visitors will notice that there is 
the German word for lucifer (Teufel) beside 
in the right corner - Ya see? 
I noticed that as I glued the "lucifer" down :D hehe!!! Fun!!!

I just jused a regular red cardstock
a old bookpage - I love to use this at the moment ;)
and some stamps and ink
and some little tiny pieces of scrapbook and glitterpaper

I'm going to join in the fallowing challanges

theme is RED
theme Valentines/love
theme is RED
Totally Gorjuss
theme LOVE 

Happy crafting and HUGS for the Valantines Day ;)
Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Tim Holtz 12 TAGS of 2013 * #2 *

I already finished my "Tim Holtz 12 TAGS of 2013" 
for February "The LOVE month"
I made two different one 
one a little bit simular to Tims and
one with a bloody gothic style ...
not to much bloody coz I dont like bloody things ;)
but enough with a touch of Vampires from
my lovely artist "Victoria Frences"


You want to create your own "Tim Holtz 12 TAGS of 2013" ?
Just take a look over "Tim Holtz" blog ;)
I also joined his challange for this month


with this one I like to enter
Gloomy Art Challange #055
the theme is "Bloody Valentine"
check out "Gloomy  Art" blog -
there are great creativ arts to watch ;)

HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel


Tim Holtz 12 TAGS of 2013 * #1 *

I know I'm late but ... I always missed taking the pictures ;)
so here's mine #1 TAG of the "Tim Holtz 12 TAGS of 2013"

:D because January is my birthmonth
I made it extra specialy in my gothic style
and I realy, realy looooooooooooooove it
Sorry Tim I didn't use anything from your products for this one
but hey ... its mine ;)

black cardstock
lace from: Alles*Spitze
old book pages
embelishments from my stash
picture from "Victoria Frences" calender

Do you also want to crreate your own
"Tim Holtz 12 TAGS of 2013"

HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

My swap with Veronica

Now Veronica resived my package
I can show you the pictures I made before I packed all together :D 

We desided to do a swap on a altered shoe
so here's the one I made

I created it out of cardboard and old book pages
lots of bling, handmade flowers, lace, ...


The Bday card I made out of my favorit purple paper :D
and the cute little laceflowers

This frame is also made from cardboard and old book pages
and I added a lot of things that came through my mind
when I thought about my friend Veronica ;)

At least :D the lovely, lovely tags I made for her

I love them sooooooooooo much!!!!

This swap was a lot of fun for me and
a lot of heartwork ;) I love crafting for someone
who I know enjoy handmade things as I do!!!

I'm very happy to hear that Veronica recived my package now
and I WELL DONE :D and made her happy!!!
Thats the greatest THANKS I can ever get!!!

HUGS and LOVE to you Veronica and all my Readers out there ;)
Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

TAG 03/13

I desided to make some tags 
for 5 people to surprice them :)
How I already said
tags are my new drug
and I loved making these
with my favorite color ever ... BLACK

so I'll bring them to the postoffice today
and maybe YOU will recive one of them in a view days

Happy crafting
HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel