Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

Guten Rutsch ...

... nach einer langen Pause 
wünsche Ich Euch allen einen Guten Rutsch und
verspreche Euch im Neuen Jahr wieder aktiver zu bloggen ;)

Lasst es Euch gut gehen und böllert nicht zu laut ...
dir Tiere und die Babys werden es Euch danken ;)

HUGS, Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Dienstag, 13. August 2013

New Greetingcards II by Avalonia Art

Yes I did it again ;)
I finished some new cards
and here are two of them
What do you think about these?
Do you like how I made the picture?
I realy enjoyed making them!!!
I enter the following challanges with this card:
I enter the following challanges with this card:
I hope you like them ;)
Thank you for stoping by and leaving comments!
HUGS, Avalonia

Montag, 12. August 2013

New Greetingcards by Avalonia Art

Here are some pictures of my latest projects
I designed new cards to create a series :)
Please leave me a comment if you like them!
Thank you so much!!!
HUGS, Avalonia
My new label
Avalonia - art with heart
Who is your favorite?

Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Washi Tape - Masking tape shop

Hey guys ... I found a realy cool washi tape shop ...
your need to take a look over this ...

and you wont believe it BUT
its a GERMAN Shop ;)
Hope you will also find some
loooovely washis for your collection!
Have a great day and always Happy Crafting!
HUGS, Avalonia

Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

Washi Tape storage album - tutorial

Let me show you a pretty and easy way
to store your pieces of washi tape you got in swaps
or from projects you dont follow anymore
it is also a very cute way to present washi tape to someone
or use this little books when you go out for crops ...
1. Re any box you got around the house
which has a back from 1/2" - 1,5" ... not bigger ;)

2. cut them into little booklets with 3,5" x 3,5" pages
I make 2 of these books - one Christmas themed with a 1" back
and one "swap-bot" themed with 1,5" back ;)

3. look for some paper in your stash ...
you dont need big squares!

4. Cover both sides with paper
using dobbleside tape


5. Decorate the outside ;)

6. find some cards in your stash
you dont want to use anymore for card-crafting
I'm sure you have some like that ;)

7. cut them 1/2" smaler than the Cover ;)

8. use an 1" punch to punch the "slider" 

... like this ;)

9. cut waxpaper (or backingpaper) in 1" stripes

10. wrap this strips around the "slider"

... cut and glue

11. you got your first washi tape holder ;)

12. repeid this through all "sliders" on all pages you made

13. mark the middle of the back from every page

14. make a hole with a needle

15. cute Bakers twist into 8" pieces
you will need 2 stripes for every page to bind ;)

16. use a hook to fit them through the hole in the middle of your page(s)

17. tie both ends

18. put it into your album ...

... turn and tie the ends ;) ...

... repead to all your pages

19. FINISHED !!!

Now you can add you washi tapes ... Have fun and Happy crafting!!!

I've so much fun making these little guys ...
and how you see I already made 3 of them in 1 day!!!

Hope you will like them as much as I do ;)
HUGS and LOVE, Avalonia

Montag, 22. April 2013

crochet flowers swap

Here are the flowers I crochet for
my "Crochet me some flowers" swap on swap-bot :D

I love how they came out on the cards
and it was so much fun to make these !!!

I made some different
and I hope my swap partners
will love them as same as me

I followed some toturials an You Tube
from Elizza ;) ... check her out!!!!

HUGS, Avalonia

Freitag, 22. März 2013

ATC "Flowers"

this month challenge theme is "Flowers"
check out to check in ;)
its a great page for everyones 
who's in ATC fever like me!!!

Here are mine

This time I just used paper and some bling :)

Have fun greating your own!!!
HUGS and love Avalonia

ATC "Hello Kitty"

I made this cute "Hello Kitty" ATC
for a swap on Swap-bot
I love this little cat :D
and the blingbing around her!!!

Its the first time I used acrylic paint on the background
and I realy like how this came out :)

I'm in an ATC fever again
got so many ideas running trough my head
cant make as many ATCs as I got ideas ;)

But more are coming soon ...

HUGS and love Avalonia

Art Journal # 1 "Home sweet home"

This is the "Art Journal" I made
for the "Traveling Art Journal" swap

I themed it "Home sweet home"
and designed my page in mixed media
with acryl colors, stamps, washi tape, paper

HUGS Avalonia

Montag, 11. März 2013

fast and easy TP bag tutorial

I did a lot of goodie things today
but just want to show you my
cuty cuty little TP bag I made 

I loooooooooove how it came out

Hey ... normaly I don't like pink
but in combination with black
every color looks pretty :D

I used 4 different laces on this project!!!

Here is a little tutorial how I made it

First I painted the inside black
than covered the outside with paper
- I used one you can find in my Blog - Store ;)
after that I clued the buttom

Than I clued the first lace on
this is one of my favorite ones
isn't it absolutly adorable?
And it fits so well with the paper!!!

Time to add lace #2 and #3
so much fun ... I love laces
and it war great using these for this project!!

Than I added the lace handle and 
the cute little bow and a fladback pearl
which I got from Veronica in my swap
THANK YOU Veronica ;)

And ... tatatata

Just try it out
You can use this for candy,
little goodies, for easter ;),
as tussiemussie or for an adventskalender
as you know Christmas comes every year ;)

Let me know if you tryed it out
I'd like to take a look over yours
when's finished ;)

Have fun
HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel

Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

The heart tag swap - what I get

Here I want to show you my tags I get
from the "A Tag from the heart - tag swap"

I realy love these tags
and every girl but so much love in it
it was so great to get these in my mail box
thanks all ya ladies for making
such a pretty art for me :D

HUGS Avalonia - Schwarzer Engel